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Centre of Excellence NAMASTE was established on 16th February 2010 at the inaugural session. Director of CoE is dr. Alenka Rožaj Brvar, MBA.

Centre of Excellence NAMASTE (Advance materials for the future) is combining science, technological and business excellence driven associates. Three partners University of Ljubljana, University of Maribor and Jožef Stefan Institute cooperate with 17 partners from industry in order to foster key technological advances in areas related to non-metallic materials and their implementation in electronics, optoelectronics, photonics, and medicine.

Science excellence, multi-disciplinary connection, knowledge and technology transfer lead to higher added value and competitiveness and better position of Slovene industry in the global market. Excellent balance between academic and application research is our advantage.

The consortium is balanced; it consists of three research partners with ten groups, four non-profit organizations, four big companies and eight industry representatives.

CoE Council consists of three representatives of research institutions, three representatives of industry and representative of the Ministry of Education, Science and Sport. Responsibilities of the CoE Council are defined in the statute of the Centre of Excellence.

The activities of CoE are organized in two segments, research and development projects (R&D) and management, development and promotion of the CoE.

R&D activities:

Members of Institute Council:
  • prof. dr. Igor Muševič, Jožef Stefan Institute
  • mag. Mitja Koprivšek, Eti d.d., president
  • prof. dr. Dean Korošak, University of Maribor
  • dr. Andreja Umek Venturini, Ministry of Education, Science and Sport
  • prof. dr. Anton Meden, University of Ljubljana
  • mag. Mirjam Cergolj, Varsi d.o.o.
  • mag. Iztok Špacapan, MAHLE Letrika d.o.o.



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